June 2024

The Biggest Mistakes Buyers Are Making Today

Posted on Jun 09, 2024

Buying a home is never a walk in the park, and today's market presents its own unique set of challenges. With mortgage rates climbing, prices rising, and a limited number of homes available, there's a lot on a buyer's plate.
But don't fret! One way to navigate this tricky terrain is by teaming up with a seasoned real estate agent. Their expertise ca...

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Economic Insights

Posted on Jun 06, 2024

Economic Insights With Dr Sherry Cooper 
Canadian inflation has fallen considerably for the past four months. Excluding shelter, inflation is a mere 1.6%. While the job market was relatively strong in April, the unemployment rate continues to riseJob growth, though strong, is not keeping up with the surge in working-age immigrants. GDP growth was li...

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